NSW Government delivers better safety for mine workers and protesters

The NSW Government has delivered better safety for mine workers and protesters through a package of measures that will deter illegal and dangerous protest activity while protecting the rights of people to protest within the law. 


These new laws will be particularly welcomed by mining workers who have been forced to deal with the safety implications of illegal protesters for some time.  


“These tougher penalties are a strong deterrent that will mean less people doing dangerous and stupid things that put themselves and others at risk, while at the same time maintaining the right to protest within the law”, NSW Minerals Council CEO, Stephen Galilee said today.


“Trespassing on mine sites, sabotaging and tampering with heavy equipment, and locking on to mining vehicles and infrastructure is illegal and dangerous. We’ve seen an increase in these types of actions in recent times and it has become a serious public safety issue.” 


“While there will always be some people intent on breaking the law to make their point, these tougher laws will deter some from dangerous acts, and that’s an improved safety outcome.”


“Everyone has the right to protest and these laws do not change that. The new laws will help ensure that protests are safer for everyone, including the protesters.”


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