Resources for Regions expansion a step in the right direction

“Today's announcement of the expansion of the Resources for Regions program to include Broken Hill, Cessnock and Maitland is a step in the right direction that will deliver a better deal for more NSW mining communities,” NSW Minerals Council CEO, Stephen Galilee, said.


“Resources for Regions is an important initiative that provides critical public infrastructure funding to regional mining communities that contribute so much to the NSW economy. We have long advocated for the expansion of eligibility for Resources for Regions to include more NSW mining communities,” Mr Galilee said.


“Whilst today’s announcement is very welcome, it is disappointing that some key NSW mining communities still remain ineligible for the program.  The NSW Minerals Council will continue to advocate for the further expansion of Resources for Regions to include more mining-related communities.”


“Specifically, we have made a submission to the Government recommended that if a council has more than 1,000 residing mining employees, or if mining makes a total employment contribution (direct and indirect) of 20 per cent or more within the local government area, it should be considered ‘mining affected’ and eligible to apply’.”


“Expanding eligibility and funding for Resources for Regions in this way would help mining communities get a fair return for the economic windfall they deliver for NSW,” Mr Galilee said.


"The Resources for Regions program also needs a significant funding boost to ensure its long term future. We hope next month's State Budget will deliver in this regard."


“In NSW the vast majority of our workforce live and raise families in the communities near where mining takes place. It’s therefore very appropriate that resources are invested back into these communities to support our mining families.”



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