NSW Freight and Ports Strategy supports key pillar of NSW economy

The new NSW Freight and Ports Strategy recognises the need for government infrastructure investment to support increasing NSW mining output, the state’s largest export by value.

In our

submission to the Draft Freight and Ports Strategy

, we advocated for Task 2C-3, an action in the Strategy to ensure sufficient rail infrastructure capacity to meet coal transport demands. This action has been included in the final Strategy, and will guarantee the reliable transportation of coal from mine to port through new projects like building crossing loops, sidings and tracks.

The Strategy has also identified the need to increase capacity for mineral freight across the rail network, and has therefore committed to investigating network enhancements and rail freight alignments, including: the Maldon-Dombarton Rail Line, rail passing loops at Awaba and a Lower Hunter Freight Corridor. 

The NSW mining industry looks forward to continued investment in transport infrastructure and services by the NSW government across the state. 

The NSW Freight and Ports Strategy can be found on the