Our miners make a big contribution to NSW.

There are 40,000 people working in our mines. They produce metals like copper and gold as well as coal for the energy we use at home and work and for making steel and cement. Plus there are tens of thousands more in jobs in 8,000 local businesses supplying our mines, from Singleton to Sydney and beyond.

Our mines pay $1.3 billion a year in royalties to the NSW Government to help fund nurses in hospitals, teachers in schools and police on our streets. And in many places across NSW, our mining families are the lifeblood of regional communities, working with farmers, teachers, tradies, people in manufacturing, services and other industries.

There is a growing community of people that support our miners. And now you can too.


Become a Voice for Mining now and we’ll email you occasionally to let you know how you can speak up in support of our miners and to help bring balance to the conversation about mining in NSW.


Mining and rugby league share a strong connection. Both consist of hard working people who look out for their mates and both play an important part in our community.

This is especially so with the Newcastle Knights, once dubbed ‘the sons of coal miners’ by club legend Paul “The Chief” Harragon. Many former players like Tony Butterfield, Bill Peden and Steve Simpson have all proudly worked in our NSW mining industry. Current Knights star Nathan Ross spent time underground in our Hunter mines before breaking into first grade in 2015.
The Knights NRL team wear a special orange mining jersey twice a year - once in Sydney and once at Voice for Mining Family Day in Newcastle - to demonstrate their support for our NSW mining families and the thousands of NRL fans that support our industry.

Whether you work in mining or you benefit from the good things mining brings like affordable and stable energy, or jobs, the Knights and our miners are two great teams worth supporting.


More than 20,000 people come together each year for Voice for Mining Family Day at McDonald Jones Stadium in Newcastle. Knights fans and mining families turn Hunter Stadium bright orange and yellow with their hi-vis to show that our miners matter.
And they get behind their team who play in a special bright orange hi-vis mining jersey in 2017 against the Dragons on 25 June in Sydney and against the Tigers in Newcastle on 2 July. 

Continued Support

Showing your colours when the Knights take the field in hi-vis is a great way to demonstrate you support these two great teams - the Newcastle Knights and our NSW miners. If you want to do more, follow us on social media, share instagram photos on the day using #VoiceForMining and even email your local NSW State MP to let them know you’re attending because you support our miners and you encourage them to do so as well.

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