Caitlin's Story

Caitlin's Story

Dispatch supervisor - Mount Thorley Warkworth mine

Working at the mine is a big part of Caitlin’s life. She grew up in Muswellbrook and still lives in the Hunter region. Her partner works in mining too.
There are more than 40,000 people working in NSW Mining. If you hurt mining, you hurt them and their families too, including Caitlin’s family.
She’s worried about her future and her job, which is at risk if the mine she works at isn’t allowed to continue mining on land it already owns.
“I’m going to be one of 1300 people in the valley looking for employment elsewhere…  but really are there going to be 1300 jobs for all of us and the answer is no.”
Greg's Story

Greg's Story

Managing Director - DCL Engineering

There are 8,200 businesses in the mining supply chain in NSW. If you hurt mining, you hurst these businesses too. Like Greg and his team of 50 people at DCL Engineering.
They’ve got workshops in Wollongong, Newcastle and Fairfield in Sydney’s west where a skilled workforce refits and repairs gearboxes for a number of NSW mines, including Mount Thorley Warkworth near Singleton which wants to continue mining.
But Greg is worried. He says that if a mine is shut, it’s not just hundreds of miners that are out of work. Thousands of businesses that supply our mines, just like DCL Engineering, are affected too.
Gus's Story

Gus's Story

Managing Director - Pirtek Muswellbrook

You don’t get more local that Gus and his family. He and his wife are fifth generation locals in Muswellbrook and mining is a big part of their family story.

His father worked in the mines for 30 years. His son has a mining apprenticeship. And he’s been working with Pirtek in Muswellbrook since the late 80s as a key supplier to local mining operations. As Gus says, it’s very close to their hearts.

But he wants people to know that its not just miners that depend on mining. Thousands of people working at businesses supplying our mines depend on mining too. Just like Gus and his family. Which is proof that if you hurt mining, you hurt NSW.
Larry's Story

Larry's Story

Equipment Operator - Mount Thorley Warkworth mine

Larry is a builder by trade, but he's been a proud miner for 12 years. His son and his son's girlfriend both work in mining too.
He lives in the Hunter Valley and has seen the region grow and prosper as the mining industry has brought economic growth to the region.
But he's feeling uncertain about the future and what that holds for his family, especially if the proposal to continue mining at the Mount Thorley Warkworth mine isn't approved. He could lose his job and his 1300 workmates could lose their jobs too.
Larry reckons it just doesn’t make sense. 
Phil's Story

Phil's Story

Coal Handling Prep Plant Technician​ - Mount Thorley Warkworth mine

Mining is in Phil’s blood. He’s passionate about it. He loves the science and the cutting edge technology he gets to apply as part of his job as a technician in the coal handling prep plant.
But he faces an uncertain future if his mine doesn’t get approval to continue mining on land it owns and within existing mining leases.
Phil says the challenging economic conditions for mining in the Hunter region are having an effect. His wife works in a local hardware store and her hours have been cut back. Family decisions about their future are being put on hold.
It’s proof that if you hurt mining, you hurt more than 40,000 people working in mining in NSW and you hurt their families too.

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