NSW coal exports on the rise as latest figures confirm strong demand for our coal

December 18, 2019

NSW coal exports are on track to reach record levels in 2019 with the latest data showing strong demand and an increase in export volumes compared to last year.

NSW Government review of the Independent Planning Commission

October 19, 2019

The NSW Government’s review of the Independent Planning Commission (IPC) is an acknowledgement of the strong concerns held by many regarding the role and processes of the IPC within the NSW planning system.

Health & safety

NSW miners have a world class health and safety record and that’s something we’re proud of, but there is still room for improvement. We’re working towards a NSW minerals industry free of fatalities, injuries and disease.
Safety is paramount to NSW miners and Australia is an international leader in safety research and technologies. We lead the way with our virtual reality training facilities, mining software and innovation.
Our world-leading safety standards and skills are being adopted by other industries in Australia. We’re also exporting our expertise to help lift health and safety standards in mines overseas, with our mine safety training implemented around the world. 
As in any industry, working in mining does pose health and safety challenges. But we believe that:
  • All fatalities, injuries and diseases are preventable
  • Every task, however urgent or important, can be done safely 
  • All hazards can be identified and their risks managed  
  • Everyone has a personal responsibility for the safety and health of themselves and others
  • Safety and health performance can always be improved
It’s not just about safety. The health of NSW miners is important to everything we do to help ensure individual health and fitness for work by positively addressing issues such as fatiguemental health and innovations to reduce or eliminate injuries. Health and safety are interrelated and both require effective management to ensure the well being of people in the industry.

We also work together with unions and regulators on the NSW Mine Safety Advisory Council, to manage safety and risk in the workplace to the best of our abilities. Through the Mine Safety Advisory Council, we’ve helped to create and implement practical resources for miners in NSW, including mine site fatigue management plans, a guide to prevent musculoskeletal disorders and a campaign to encourage a culture of “looking out for each other” at work.

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