Review of the EP&A Regulation 2000 - 23 November 2017

Draft Technical Notes Supporting the Guidelines for Economic Assessment of Mining and Coal Seam Gas Projects - 23 October 2017

Environmental Impact Assessment Improvement Project - NSWMC submission - September 2017

NSWMC Submission on the Draft Water Management (General) Regulation - September 2017

NSWMC Submission on Coastal Swamp Oak - August 2017

Tax Deductible Gift Recipient Reform Opportunities - NSWMC Submission - July 2017

Biodiversity conservation regulation - NSWMC Submission - June 2017

Post Approval Requirements for State Significant Projects submission - April 2017

Environmental Planning and Assessment Act Amendments 2017 - NSWMC Submission - March 2017

NSWMC Submission on the New England North West Regional Plan - March 2017

NSWMC Submission on the NSW Koala Strategy - March 2017

Preliminary Report on the Independent Review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Submission - March 2017

Social Impact Assessment - Draft Guidelines for State Significant Mining, Petroleum Production and Extractive Industry Development - March 2017

Division of Resources and Energy Request for Feedback on RCE Tool and Supporting Documents Submission - February 2017

Clean Air for NSW Consultation Paper Submission - January 2017


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