Rix’s Creek Continuation Project - Withdrawal of Consent

October 04, 2019


The dramatic developments this afternoon in relation to the Independent Planning Commission's (IPC) mishandling of the Rix's Creek Continuation Project highlight the need for urgent reform of the NSW planning system.


The IPC granted consent for the project today and published this outcome and an official 'statement of reasons' on its website, only to withdraw the consent within a matter of hours due to an administrative issue relating to the assessment process.


It just beggars belief that the IPC could issue an approval for a major project involving 300 jobs and then be forced to withdraw the approval just hours later due to an internal stuff-up.


300 people have been waiting six years to find out if their jobs were secure into the future. Today they received good news, only to have the certainty they had been hoping for taken away from them again hours later.


Projects like this involve massive investment and affect thousands of people. What should have been good news for NSW has turned diabolical, and once again the reputation of our state as an investment destination has been damaged. 


It's hard to understand why the Planning Minister and the NSW Government would think that this is an acceptable way for the NSW planning system to operate. 


This shambolic turn of events must surely be the final proof that the NSW Government needs to urgently act to take back control of its planning system.

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