New analysis shows NSW coal export volumes have doubled since 2001

March 31, 2019

New analysis has shown that coal exports volumes from NSW to the rest of the world have doubled
since 2001 due to increased demand for our high quality coal.
Latest export figures from Coal Services show that since 2001 coal exports from NSW have increased
from 75 million tonnes to over 164 million tonnes - an increase of over 118 percent. Over the last five
years export volumes have consistently been at or near record levels, with the highest level recorded in
2014 at 172 million tonnes.
The most recent figures from Coal Services show that for the 2018 calendar year total coal exports from
NSW were 164.6 million tonnes, with thermal coal exports used for electricity generation growing by 1.6
million tonnes.
“Coal is our State’s most valuable export so it’s great for the NSW economy that demand for our high
quality resources remains strong,” NSW Minerals Council CEO, Stephen Galilee said today.
“The strong global demand for our high quality coal is being driven by growing energy demand as well
as trends in industrialisation and urbanisation in our region.”
“NSW thermal coal is being used by countries in our region to lock in reliable and affordable electricity
with new coal-fired power plants that can provide low-emissions coal fired power. Our coking coal is
also in demand for its role in the production of the steel needed to help drive economic development
and growth.”
“These economic trends in our region are expected to underpin strong demand for our NSW export coal
well into the future.”
Under the Independent International Energy Agency’s (IEA) New Policies Scenario, which incorporates
policy commitments made by countries under the Paris Agreement, global growth in coal demand is
expected to remain steady, while growth in demand for coal in the Asia Pacific region expected to more
than double by 2040.
“If we get the policy settings right here in NSW, our economy can continue to benefit from investment
and jobs in NSW while at the same time contributing to economic development and greater opportunity
across our region and around the world ,” Mr Galilee said.
ATTACHMENT - Graph of coal demand trend based on figures from Coal Services Pty Ltd.

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