Appointment of NSW Government Ministry Statement from NSW Minerals Council CEO Stephen Galilee

March 31, 2019

The NSW Minerals Council welcomes the appointment of the NSW Ministry, including the transfer of Resources to the Deputy Premier’s Regional NSW, Industry and Trade portfolio.

The successful stewardship of the resources sector is vitally important to the overall strength of the NSW economy, and for the regions. The Deputy Premier understands this, and the new portfolio arrangements reflect it, providing a strong platform to deliver more jobs and opportunities for the people of NSW, particularly those living in regional and remote communities.

Our industry provides over 40,000 people with a wide range of direct mining-related jobs in NSW, and also supports over 7,000 mining supplier businesses across the state, providing further jobs and opportunity beyond the mining sector.

Many thousands of people living in towns across regional NSW depend upon on local mining activity, jobs and investment for their economic future. Last financial year the spending of the mining sector spending in NSW generated;
  • 20 percent of the Gross Regional Product (GRP) of the Hunter
  • 11 percent of the GRP of the NSW Central West
  • 8 percent of the GRP of the Illawarra
  • 6 percent of the GRP of the New England North West region
  • 30 percent of the GRP of the Far West of NSW
Over the next four years mining royalties are also expected to contribute over $8 billion in royalties to the NSW Government to help pay for services and infrastructure like schools, hospitals and roads. Coal, gold and copper are also NSW’s most valuable exports, generating over $17 billion in export revenue each year, and helping to underpin our state’s key trading relationships more broadly.

Our sector acknowledges outgoing Minister Don Harwin for the support he has shown mining and mining communities during his time as Resources Minister. Minister Harwin has been a strong advocate for the resources sector within government and has shown a deep understanding of the important contribution of mining to a strong economic future for NSW.

We look forward to working with the Deputy Premier, other Ministers and MPs from across the Parliament to help ensure NSW has a strong mining sector that contributes to a strong economy, stronger regions, and stronger communities across
the state.

Contact: Hugo Robinson | | 0409 758 734 | 02 9274 1419

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