NSW Minerals Council welcomes results of Resources Regulator Compliance Operation

July 12, 2019

The NSW Minerals Council has welcomed the results of a recent state-wide compliance operation by the NSW Resources Regulator which revealed high levels of compliance and improvements at mine sites across NSW compared to a similar operation last year.
“Safety and compliance with mining regulations are paramount in our industry and our people work very hard to ensure they meet the highest standards. The results of the recent state-wide compliance operation conducted by the Resources Regulator show high levels of compliance, as well as improvements on last year’s results,” NSW Minerals Council CEO Stephen Galilee, said today.
"Following the inspections, the Resource Regulator reported that ‘inspectors observed high levels of compliance across all sectors with only a small number of breaches of concern detected’,” Mr Galilee said.
Inspections were carried out at 112 mine and quarry sites across the State with only eight being identified as having mining regulation compliance breaches and seven prohibition notices served under work health and safety laws.
No prohibition notices were issued to NSW Minerals Council member companies.
This is an improvement on the results of a similar operation conducted by the Regulator in 2018, which resulted in 26 prohibition notices being issued along with eight potential compliance breaches under the Mining Act across the industry.
“The recent tragic fatalities in Queensland are a stark reminder that while our industry generally has a good safety record we need to be continuously vigilant.” 
“These compliance operations and inspections undertaken by the Resource Regulator play an important role in ensuring the NSW mining industry maintains world class safety standards,” Mr Galilee said.
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