Dangerous illegal action should end Greenpeace’s special tax treatment

May 29, 2017

29th May 2017

Dangerous illegal action should end Greenpeace’s special tax treatment


Everyone has a right to protest, but it should be done safely and within the law.

Today Greenpeace activists have put themselves and others in danger by illegally trespassing at the Port of Newcastle. Those responsible have also wasted the time and resources of Police and Emergency Services.

As a result of this action it is clear that the Federal Government should remove the special tax treatment currently provided to Greenpeace.


Greenpeace currently receives Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status which means that donations to them are tax deductible.  This assists Greenpeace to raise funds for the type of illegal action undertaken by Greenpeace activists today.  


According to the Federal Government’s Governance Standards for not-for-profit organisations, any illegal activity will result in the group losing its registered charity and DGR status.

The Federal Government must maintain the integrity of our tax system for legitimate charities by enforcing their own regulations and revoking the charity and DGR status of Greenpeace.


This will ensure that special tax treatment goes to charities that actually work to benefit our community, not professional activists that encourage illegal and dangerous activity.

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