AEMO System Event Report Highlights Risk of Removing Coal Generation Capacity

February 23, 2017

The AEMO report released today on events relating to high demand for power across NSW during the recent extreme heat conditions highlights the need for increased generation capacity and stable electricity supply in NSW, and the risks associated with removing any coal-fired generation capacity from the NSW and national energy grid.
Despite scheduled maintenance outages at the Liddell coal fired power station, a lack of gas pressure into the Colongra gas plant, and a fault at the Tallawarra gas plant, the remaining coal, gas and hydro power units shouldered the vast bulk of the load demand, meeting more than 90% of the load at 3.30pm and 98% at 8pm.  
“The high demand for power during the heatwave of 10th and 11th of February shows how critical energy security is for NSW. While all energy sources helped ensure NSW did not experience blackouts, it was traditional energy generation from coal and gas, supported by hydro, that delivered the vast bulk of electricity at a time of peak demand,” NSW Minerals Council CEO Stephen Galilee said today.
To guarantee supply can be met in the future we will need more reliable, baseload generator capacity which due to a lack of gas supply in NSW can only be provided by coal-fired power.” 

Listen to the radio interviews here on ABC 702, 2GB and 2NM.

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