Northparkes Mines and UNSW partner up to inspire our future NSW miners

January 29, 2016

CMOC-Northparkes Mines has been hosting eight UNSW undergraduate students over the summer, to demonstrate through hands-on training and education, the practical realities of working on a mine site.

Pictured: Students from UNSW at Northparkes 
The School of Mining Engineering and Chemical Engineering students arrived in December for eight weeks of industry training with Northparkes’ technical and operations teams. This experience allows the students to complete their mandatory 80 hours industry training, which they need to complete their engineering degrees at UNSW.
It hasn’t just been hard work for the students. They also helped build the Northparkes float for the Elvis Festival Northparkes-sponsored street parade. This year’s parade attracted record-breaking crowds of 14,000, with 22,000 attending the Festival.

Pictured: Northparkes float for the Elvis Festival Northparkes-sponsored street parade
The partnership between Northparkes and UNSW is particularly positive at a time where undergraduates are often finding it difficult to complete their required industry training.
Staff at Northparkes have been praising the students participation at Northparkes and the mutual benefits it brings, to the mine workers, the students and the industry as a whole in ensuring students acquire a wealth of knowledge and experience both in and out of the classroom.
Stacey Kelly, Manager People, Safety and Environment at Northparkes said, “Taking a shared approach towards vocational programs is sensible, particularly given the current industry climate.  Plus, the program has delivered benefits to everyone involved. From our perspective,  having bright young minds asking questions and contributing to our business, while they’re learning, is a real plus. It’s given us diversity of ideas and experience, which makes good business sense.”

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