NSW Greens' support for coal mining welcome

August 26, 2016

26th August 2016

NSW Greens’ support for coal mining welcome

The NSW Minerals Council welcomes the NSW Greens support for the State’s essential coal industry with the passage of their Steel Industry Protection Bill 2016 through the Legislative Council yesterday.

Steel produced at the Port Kembla steel works uses coking coal mined in the Illawarra.  In introducing the Bill to the Legislative Council, the Greens David Shoebridge acknowledged all the contributors to the local steel industry:  “...the many thousands of workers who are dependent on the secondary industries and the residents of the Illawarra generally.  Those people depend upon the steel industry to keep the economic future of the Illawarra solid.

“It’s refreshing to see the Greens stand up for the hard working coal miners of the Illawarra.  The coking coal mined in the region directly supports the NSW steel industry. It’s also great to see the Greens recognise the coal industry as being vital to the economic stability of regional NSW, given their previous policy commitments to shut the industry down,” NSW Minerals Council CEO, Stephen Galilee said today.

“In the last financial year the mining industry directly spent $901 million to the Illawarra on wages and purchases with 625 local businesses. These local businesses, and the more than 1,700 Illawarra coal miners and their families will welcome the Greens’ support for coal mining.”  

“Mining families from across the State will also be glad to finally receive this support from the Greens. We look forward to the NSW Greens now dropping their anti-coal slogans and campaigns. We also look forward to continued support for the NSW coal industry from the Greens on the floor of the NSW Legislative Council,” Mr Galilee said.

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