2017/18 NSW Minerals Council Pre-Budget submission

May 15, 2017

15th May 2016

2017/18 NSW Minerals Council Pre-Budget submission

The NSW Minerals Council 2017/18 Budget Submission outlines nine priorities to promote economic development, support mining communities, and lock in the gains made during the recent recovery in commodity prices. This includes a 12 month moratorium on further regulatory change for the sector, more public infrastructure funding for mining communities, support for exploration activity, and delivering on commitments made to streamline fees and levies and implement planning reforms.

Central to the NSW Minerals Council Pre-Budget Submission are the following priorities:

  • A moratorium on further regulatory costs including no new taxes, fees or levies

  • Streamline and consolidate existing fees, charges and levies to reduce costs

  • Provide Consistent Annual funding for Resources for Regions

  • Remove the linkage between rehabilitation bonds and administrative levy

  • Implement planning reform commitments

  • Implement measures to attract exploration investment

  • Use the Coal Innovation NSW Fund to research and develop low emission coal technologies

  • Provide funding certainty to programs supporting indigenous school attendance

“The NSW mining industry remains a driving economic force in regional NSW and for the broader NSW economy. After a tough few years commodity prices have improved, particularly for coal, and future prospects for the NSW mining sector remain strong,” NSW Minerals Council CEO, Stephen Galilee said today.

“Over the last six years our sector has been subject to a large number of wide-ranging regulatory changes across many portfolios, with significant new compliance costs, as well as a number of new fees and levies or increases in existing levies. To avoid reform fatigue we need to take time to assess the impact of these changes to determine their effectiveness. We are therefore calling for a moratorium on any new regulatory impositions on the sector for 12 months, and for the Government to also deliver on the commitment made in response to the 2014 Minerals Industry Action Plan that a review of all industry fees and levies would be completed to identify streamlining opportunities, ” Mr Galilee said.

“Our submission also calls for the Government to remain focused on delivering a reliable, secure, low-carbon electricity network at the lowest possible price. The NSW Government should use available funds from the Coal Innovation NSW Fund to actively evaluate the role for low emission coal technologies, such as High Efficiency Low Emissions (HELE) power plants.

The NSW Minerals Council’s Submission also calls on the State Government to address the imbalance between funding for infrastructure in Sydney and regional mining communities.

“Much of regional NSW is dependent on mining activity for jobs and economic development, including the Hunter, the Illawarra, and the Central West and Far West of NSW. The mining regions of NSW deliver significant economic benefits to NSW and deserve greater support.”

Resources for Regions is an important initiative that provides welcome funding to regional mining communities that contribute so much to the NSW economy.  The NSW Minerals Council has been a strong supporter of the program, but we remain concerned at the uncertain nature of the funding model, which has meant no new funding for the program for the last two years.”  

“On behalf of mining communities, we’re calling on the State Government to address this in the June Budget and commit at least $60m per year to the Resources for Regions program,” Mr Galilee said.

The NSW Minerals Council submission calls for more government support for minerals exploration.

“The exploration activity of today is needed to find the mines of tomorrow that will provide the jobs and investment so badly needed across regional NSW. But with exploration spending in NSW down, there’s a real risk that when our current mines cease operating there will be nothing to replace them, with devastating results for jobs in regional NSW.”

“Other states have identified this risk and are taking steps to support exploration, and the NSW Government must do the same. This includes delivering their promised ‘hassle free’ regulatory framework to help secure the future of the regional NSW economy. It also means continuing the $2 million per annum New Frontiers Cooperative Drilling program, and for the Government to deliver on the commitment it made in response to the 2014 Minerals Industry Action Plan that a long term strategy for minerals exploration would be developed.”

The Submission also calls on the NSW Government to deliver on its previous commitments to streamline industry fees, charges and levies, as well as on planning reform and also to support aboriginal families living in or near regional communities through a better funding model for the Clontarf Foundation.

The NSW Minerals Council 2017/18 NSW Budget Submission can be found at www.nswmining.com.au

Contact: Harry Stutchbury | hstutchbury@nswmining.com.au | 0409 758 734 | 02 9274 1419


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