Watermark Agreement to Secure Jobs and Growth for New England Region

July 12, 2017

12th July 2017

Watermark Agreement to Secure Jobs and Growth for New England Region

The agreement between the NSW Government and Shenhua announced today is a good outcome for the New England Region.  It will secure hundreds of jobs, particularly around Gunnedah, and provide a genuine economic boost to the whole region.

The agreement will lock in around 600 new local jobs and ongoing economic growth for the region, as well as royalties that from will help fund services like schools, hospitals and roads.

Mining projects in NSW are assessed against some of the highest environmental assessments in the world and this project is no different. The project has been approved by the NSW and Commonwealth Governments following a three year assessment period where potential impacts on land and water in the region were heavily and independently scrutinised.  

And despite the rhetoric of some, there will be no mining on the blacksoil Liverpool Plains.

Mining has a very small footprint in the region. According to the NSW Government’s Strategic Regional Land Use Plan for the region, mining operations use less than 0.1% of land, compared to around 70% used by agriculture, a ratio that will hardly be affected by this project.

The Watermark project is supported by the local Member of Parliament, the local Council, local businesses and many people in the local Gunnedah community.

The Member for Tamworth, Kevin Anderson is right when he said today:  “Farming and mining have long been the backbone of this region’s economy. The agreement announced today will help ensure that this will continue.

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