Alan Jones anti-mining outburst sparks outpouring of support for the industry

May 20, 2015

Hundreds of members of the public have spoken out publicly in support of mining after insensitive comments from Alan Jones live on Sydney’s 2GB radio last week, claiming Mining is ‘not about Australia’.

Alan Jones has been historically vocal about his opinions. But today as the unemployment rate sits at 12.2% in the Hunter, compared to 6.2% nationally [Source: NSW Government Department of Employment], his outburst is simply rubbing salt into the wounds of thousands of Hunter families currently facing an uncertain future. 
Families like those of the 500 workers at Drayton South and 1300 at Mount Thorley Warkworth currently waiting anxiously to hear the fate of the two mining projects caught in the state’s broken planning system. 
And NSW Miners are speaking out on social media, such as the mine worker who criticised Jones’ comments as being for entertainment’s sake, calling on him to think about the impact of what he says live on air.
‘I know what isn't about Australia - a...journalist pandering to people for the sake of nothing but his own ratings and little consideration outside of that,’ he said.
But it’s not just those working in the heart of the industry who took this opportunity to speak out in support of mining. 
‘Shame on you to sit in your studio and knock any industry, let alone the one that you are totally dependent upon for your well being.’ said Environmental Scientist Chris Mills.
‘To brand the mining industry as “un Australian” is both arrogant and stupid; it is a significant player in the standard of living in our country.  You depend upon it and to knock it, a most “un Australian” trait, you are knocking at your own foundations’, he added.
Another supporter Ngone, told Mr Jones how out of touch with reality his comments are, considering how much mining companies give back to our local communities and businesses across NSW.
‘You are quite out of touch with Mining...Mining supports local communities. And no I don't work in mining, I have [just] done my research [on] how beneficial the mining industry is and [how it] contributes a significant amount that helps local businesses,’ she said.
In a surprising contrast to his outburst just two days prior, Jones went on to say he is ‘not against mining’, perhaps demonstrating his realisation that by hurting mining he is hurting thousands of people across NSW. 
And, as has been proven this week it’s not just miners who are determined to stand up and acknowledge the importance of the mining industry to the prosperity of NSW- to the prosperity of everyone. Everyone who turns their lights on. Everyone who works in or whose family and friends make up the 150,000 who work in supporting industries. So let’s hope Alan thinks twice next time before making a flippant remark about something important to so many.

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