Labor’s plan for the Hunter misses 12,000 mining families

March 20, 2015

Labor appears to have sent a worrying message to 12,000 Hunter mining families and the thousands of local businesses that rely on the industry, by failing to mention mining in their jobs plan for the Hunter.

“In a statement today, Labor has outlined its jobs plan for the Hunter. However the 14 point plan completely fails to mention mining,” NSW Minerals Council CEO, Stephen Galilee said today.

“In the last financial year, mining companies directly contributed $5.9 billion to the region and supported 4,238 local businesses. Mining activity contributes around a third of the Hunter economy, so it’s reasonable to expect that Labor’s plan would at least mention mining.”  

“Mr Foley has previously said he was committed to supporting regional employment.  Unfortunately the Hunter’s mining families don’t seem to have made Labor’s list.  At the very least, it would appear that Labor’s jobs plans for the Hunter is only two thirds complete.”

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