Minerals exploration key to getting NSW ‘back on track’

June 19, 2015

A strong minerals exploration sector is critical for mining to remain one of the key economic and employment drivers in NSW. That’s the message explorers and industry associates will hear today at the 2015 NSW Minerals Council’s ‘Beyond the Rocks’.
The forum, one of the largest of its kind in the country, will focus on building capacity in compliance, environmental management and community consultation. 
Presenters include the Hon. Anthony Roberts MP, Minister for Industry, Resources and Energy, Raelene Webb QC, President of National Native Title Tribunal, and Kylie Hargreaves, Deputy Secretary Resources & Energy, NSW Trade & Investment, as well as prominent members of the exploration and mining community. 
Minerals exploration in NSW is in crisis. With complex and uncertain administrative processes, increasing red tape and a lack of clear government support there has been a loss of confidence in NSW. Exploration investment is at near record lows, with potentially long-term consequences.
NSW has some of the best minerals deposits in the world, and yet our explorers face red tape and increased costs, and it’s sometimes hard to know if the vital work they do is welcomed here,” NSW Minerals Council CEO Stephen Galilee said today. 
“Most exploration is short term and low impact, so it’s possible to balance environmental, regulatory and community concerns whilst at the same time fostering a strong minerals exploration sector here in NSW” 
"While most exploration doesn't lead to mining, it's still a very important part of the process because it helps identify where opportunities for the potential job-generating mining projects of the future may be."
“We should be celebrating our explorers and the work they do, often at great financial risk, to identify the job-generating mining opportunities of the future.
“Over the last few years, investment in minerals exploration in NSW has fallen sharply. This is a worrying sign for the long-term economic future of our State. We don’t want our NSW explorers to pack up and move to friendlier jurisdictions elsewhere. We need a strong exploration sector in NSW to ensure we maximise our natural economic advantages and make the most of our minerals opportunities."
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