New public information campaign to highlight importance of mining to NSW

July 20, 2015

Mining operations use just 0.1 per cent of land in NSW while providing jobs to tens of thousands of families, as well as billions of dollars in royalties to help fund roads, hospitals, schools and emergency services across the state.

That’s the message of the latest public information campaign being launched in Sydney to highlight the importance of mining to NSW. 
“From the amount of attention sometimes given to mining you could be forgiven for thinking that mines are engulfing NSW, but the reality is mining operations account for around 0.1% of the state’s land,” NSW Minerals Council CEO, Stephen Galilee said today.
“That compares with 76% for agriculture, 7.6% for conservation and national parks and 1.8 % for homes and urban development. And the land used for mining must be rehabilitated.”
Mr Galilee said that NSW gets an excellent economic return from the land used for mining.
“Modern mining in NSW delivers our most valuable export commodity - coal - and over  80% of the State’s electricity needs, directly employs 34,000 people across the state, and supports tens of thousands of other jobs in businesses that support mining, from mechanics to manufacturers, hospitality to health professionals,” he said.
“Essential services and infrastructure are funded by around $1.3 billion a year in royalty payments 
to the NSW Government.  And NSW mining companies spent over $13.6 billion with local businesses across the State and on wages in 2013-2014.”
“Mining activity also underpins the economic strength of regional centres in the Hunter, the New England Northwest, the Central West and the Illawarra, and supports nearly 9,000 businesses in Sydney and across the State.”
“If NSW is to thrive, it needs mining. so let’s ensure mining has a long term future here in NSW.” 
Note: Television commercials commence on air in Sydney from Sunday 19th July.
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