Greens anti-coal platform would destroy Illawarra and NSW economy

February 09, 2015

The Greens plan to end coal mining in the Illawarra and across NSW within five years would drive up electricity prices, destroy thousands of Illawarra jobs, threaten thousands of Illawarra businesses, and destroy the Illawarra economy.
"The Greens have shown once again that they are living in a parallel universe. Coal is our State's most valuable export commodity and directly employs 2,790 people in the Illawarra. Coal mining also supports thousands of mining supplier businesses across NSW, including over 600 Illawarra businesses that in turn provide more local jobs,” NSW Minerals Council CEO, Stephen Galilee said today. 
“Coal also meets over 80% of our state's energy needs, powering our homes, shops, factories, cafes and restaurants. Shutting down the coal industry will drive up electricity prices and lead to massive energy shortages across NSW, further harming homes and businesses," he said.
The Illawarra has already been hit hard by the downturn in mining, with over 1,000 jobs lost in mining over the last two years.  
“The Greens want to add another 2,790 Illawarra miners to the unemployment queues, destroying the local economy in the process ,” Mr Galilee said.
“The Coalition and Labor must reject this ridiculous proposal by the Greens,” Mr Galilee said.
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