‘Nut job’ Greens should be held to account: Minister

February 18, 2015

NSW Minister for Resources and Energy, Anthony Roberts, has slammed The Greens Party and is calling on the media to hold them to account for policies that are rejected by a majority of the community.
Speaking at the Hunter Business Chamber’s Mining Lunch in Newcastle with Shadow Minister, Steve Whan, Minister Roberts said that calls from the Greens to shut down mining in NSW in 5 years were ‘dangerous’.
“The Greens appear to be able to make broad, wide ranging statements that in no way coincide with reality. The Greens can talk about cuts, they can talk about shutting mines down… Steve and I agree on most things, but one of the things we agree most on is what a bunch of nut-jobs the greens are,” he said.
“We can’t become a nation of social workers and clients of social workers.  
“I hope the Greens get their comeuppance and the people hold them to account because what they are talking about is really dangerous. It’s about time the media started holding the Greens to account.”
Mr Whan re-stated Labor’s support for a strong mining sector in NSW. 
“If you have a look at our history, miners were a key part of the development of our party and we haven’t changed from that. I would want to ensure that we have a healthy minerals and coal industry in NSW,” Mr Whan said. 
“There will always be people out there spinning a line and sometimes those lines will be taken up. We see it all the time in politics. We see it with environmental issues and in a number of industries. 
“I’m constantly and consistently talking to people about the ability for mining and farming to be able to coexist. We’ll never convince some people that we need fossil fuels, but we can work to convince the majority of people about the benefits of mining.”

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