Future of Springvale mine at threat; New Voice for Mining campaign launched today

August 13, 2015

Centennial Coal has announced it will have to stand down the majority of its Springvale workforce—in excess of 300 workers— by August 21.

Pictured: Centennial Coal's Springvale mine near Lithgow, NSW
The Mine, near Lithgow NSW, requires both State and Federal approvals to allow it to continue operating beyond September.
The NSW Department of Planning is still assessing its extension application that has been caught up in the broken NSW Planning System for over four years.
The project has not yet been submitted to the NSW Planning and Assessment Commission (PAC) for its final determination.
In addition to more than 300 jobs currently at risk at Springvale, it is the only mine that can supply coal to Mt Piper Power Station, which generates approximately 15% of the State’s power needs. This means that in addition to potential job losses, energy supply in NSW could also be impacted.
To protect local jobs and to secure coal supplies, NSW Minerals Council has kicked off a brand new campaign today at voiceformining.com.au, allowing the community to send an email to Minister for Planning Rob Stokes, NSW Premier Mike Baird and Minister for Resources and Energy, Anthony Roberts calling on them to step in and approve the project.
You can take action and stand up for Springvale workers right now at voiceformining.com.au. 

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