All MPs should support important reforms to stop enviro-law sabotage

August 19, 2015

Federal politicians from all parties who claim to support regional jobs should back the Federal Government’s proposed reforms to restrict anti-mining, anti-job protest groups using legal processes to deliberately delay legitimate mining projects.
In NSW and across the country, organisations determined to shut mines and cut mining jobs have undertaken calculated campaigns, including frivolous legal appeals designed to delay and obstruct important projects.
“There are a number of activist protest groups gaming the legal system in an attempt to kill off the mining industry and the jobs it provides.  These groups have never seen a mine they didn’t want to shut nor a mining job they didn’t want to cut,” NSW Minerals Council CEO, Stephen Galilee said today.
Groups like Lock the Gate, the Australia Institute, and The Sunrise Project readily admit to this strategy in their clandestine anti-mining strategy document Stopping the Australian Coal Export Boom from 2012 which states ‘Legal challenges can stop projects outright, or can delay them in order to buy time...’
“Without the reforms proposed by the Federal Government, these protest groups will continue to use legal loopholes to significantly delay projects, costing thousands of jobs.”
“The Federal Government should be congratulated for recognising the threat to regional jobs and taking a strong stand in the national interest on this important issue.”
“Members of Parliament from all sides of politics who claim to support jobs in regional Australia should now support the Federal Government’s reforms,” Mr Galilee said.
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