Millionaires and Billionaires campaign against working families of the Hunter

April 09, 2015

Demands for a 10km buffer zone from new mining projects in the Hunter ignore history, as well as the reality of successful co-existence that is occurring right now across the region and across NSW.

Mining has been the cornerstone of the Hunter for many decades, and has a history of successful co-existence with other important industries, including tourism and agriculture.

And right now there are many examples across the Hunter of mining operations working adjacent to or even underneath farms, vineyards and other agricultural activities.

"World-class vineyards and horse studs operate in the Hunter today well within 10km of mining operations, so the claim that they can't co-exist is not reflected by reality," NSW Minerals Council CEO, Stephen Galilee said today.

"And while many thousands of Hunter residents live and work safely within 10km of local mining operations, apparently horses are now unable to do so."

Implementation of a 10km buffer zone would wipe out the Hunter coal industry, putting tens of thousands of people out of work across the region, with a devastating impact on working families and the local economy.

"Many people have concerns about the social impacts of gambling, yet here we have calls from some of Australia's richest people to put the helicopter views and horse-racing interests of foreign billionaires over the jobs of thousands of working class families in the Hunter."

"Why should the sporting and gambling interests of millionaires and billionaires take priority over the jobs of thousands of working class people across the Hunter?"

Mining will continue be an important part of the Hunter for many decades to come, and with around 12,000 Hunter families dependent on mining for their livelihoods, it's important that all our industries work together to build and strengthen the Hunter economy.

Contact: Chris Rath | | 0409 758 734

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