Whitehaven Maules Creek project on target to create jobs, boost NSW economy

October 30, 2014

NSW Minerals Council representatives visited Whitehaven Coal’s Maules Creek mine in the Gunnedah Basin in North Western NSW this week to see firsthand the progression that has been made in bringing the new mine online and into production next year.
Fully funded and consequently hitting all budget targets, the mine is now at 70% completion and set to commence operation in early 2015, creating significant prosperity for the local economy.
It’s represents welcome news for NSW mining jobs as the Maules Creek workforce will grow from 600 to 1,100 in the next five years with plans to recruit 75% of those people from the local region. 

Pictured: Visitors at the Whitehaven Maules Creek Mine Tour
And at the company’s annual meeting in Sydney this week, Whitehaven Coal Managing Director and CEO Paul Flynn hit out at professional protesters working against the Maules Creek mine who have entered the site illegally to disrupt work and endanger employees.
"They are doing something illegal here… these people are getting in the way of our employees, average people who are just trying to come to work and do their job," he said.
Whitehaven Coal chairman Mark Vaile went on to say that global demand for coal will continue to rise steadily, and that he expects commodity prices will recover significantly over the medium term.
"Australian exports are estimated to rise to 437 million tonnes by full year 2019, up from 336 million tonnes in full year 2013, and prices are forecast to have recovered significantly from present levels over this period," Mr Vaile said.
The future is looking strong for NSW Minerals Council member company Whitehaven Coal, with Mr Vaile predicting that within a few years the company will be one of Australia’s largest, and lowest cost producers of high-quality coal.

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