NSW Government abandons hundreds of workers in regional NSW

October 21, 2014

“Today's PAC outcomes on the Drayton South and Coalpac projects are a brutal double-blow for working people in regional NSW, and suggests that the NSW Government is prepared to stand by and do nothing while hundreds lose their jobs,” NSW Minerals Council CEO Stephen Galilee said today.
“It’s a black day for jobs in regional NSW. The NSW Government seems too busy patting itself on the back for the recent increase in housing activity in Sydney to notice the reality of economic life in regional NSW.”
The Drayton mine has been in operation for over thirty years, and was seeking to extend its operation, on its own land, and within its own mining lease. 
Up to 500 Hunter miners and their families now face unemployment. Local small businesses and suppliers in the region will also feel the impact. It is a devastating blow for the Upper Hunter economy.
“Over 4000 jobs have been lost at NSW mining operations over the last two years, with over 2500 coal jobs lost in the Hunter alone. This decision will add hundreds more people to the growing ranks of Hunter jobless, at a time when unemployment in the region is rising and more jobs are needed, not less.”
“The outcome on the Coalpac project will be damaging for the local Lithgow economy.”
“Coal has been mined in the region for well over a century, and the project was strongly supported by the Lithgow Council, local MP Paul Toole, and the local community, who will bear the brunt of this outcome.”
“These outcomes make a mockery of the claim that NSW is open for business, and send a very damaging message about the future of NSW as a place for investment.“
“Delegating state significant decisions to an unelected body like the PAC is a failure of leadership from the NSW Government. It's an attempt to avoid the responsibility that comes with being in office, and it's a betrayal of the working people who will have to live with the consequences of these poor outcomes.”
“The NSW Government knows the planning system is broken, but has failed to fix it. In fact, since being elected, the NSW Government has made the system worse.”
“Instead of standing by and allowing hundreds of jobs to go, it's time for the NSW Government to show some leadership and take back control of the planning system before more jobs are lost.” 
“Today, it's hundreds of mining jobs gone, but who will be next?” 
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