Job losses at Mt Arthur

November 04, 2014

The latest announcement of job losses at Mt Arthur Coal is a further sign of the tough times the NSW coal industry is facing, due to the cyclical downturn in coal prices.
Sadly, this has meant job losses, with over 4000 direct coal production jobs now lost in NSW over the last two years.
Recognising the impact on families, the industry is doing everything it can to minimise job losses, but our efforts are not being helped by the policies of the NSW Government.
“Dealing with these tough times is being made tougher due to NSW Government policies that include a broken planning system that refuses important projects like Drayton South that would protect and save Hunter jobs,” NSW Minerals Council CEO Stephen Galilee said. 
Despite these short term challenges, the coal price cycle will turn, as it has in the past. 
And with strong global demand, some of the best coal deposits in the world, a world-class mining workforce, good export infrastructure, and a long and proud history of innovative mining practices, the long term prospects for the NSW coal industry are bright. But only if the NSW Government supports the industry with the right policy settings.
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