New research shows mining continues to enjoy strong public support

June 11, 2014

Latest research released by the NSW Minerals Council has shown that over the last three years mining has consistently enjoyed 70 percent support in NSW.
NSW Minerals Council CEO, Stephen Galilee, said the research conducted by respected research company Crosby Textor, showed that most people in NSW recognise the many benefits mining delivers to NSW.
“Our research found that most people understand the need for a strong mining sector in NSW, including for jobs, economic growth, exports, and royalties,” Mr Galilee said.
“Of those surveyed, 87 percent believed a strong mining industry was important to regional NSW and 88 percent believed mining was important to the state as a whole. Over half those surveyed also said they believed that a strong mining sector in NSW was important to Sydney.”
“Mining is experiencing tough conditions, partly due to global factors, including low commodity prices and a high Australian dollar. At the same time, some government policies, including uncertainty around NSW planning laws, have made tough times tougher,” Mr Galilee said.
“Despite these tough times, mining does have a strong future in NSW. We have a world class mining workforce, some of the best minerals deposits in the world and good access to infrastructure. We also have longstanding trading relationships with established economies like Japan, Taiwan and Korea, as well as with the growing economic powerhouses of India and China,” he said.
The consistently high level of support for mining in NSW sends a clear message to our decision makers. The public understands that we need a strong mining sector in NSW to create jobs and keep our state economy growing and the industry should be supported,” Mr Galilee said.
“The message from the public is clear - let’s keep mining strong.”
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