Australia Institute jumps the shark with latest dodgy 'research'

June 24, 2014

Another week, another dodgy anti-mining report from the Australia Institute.  This pseudo-political outfit is becoming desperate in its attacks on NSW’s $24 billion mining industry - an industry that directly employs almost 90,000 people across the state.

In its ongoing anti-mining campaign, the Australia Institute has cobbled together a report on so-called ‘industry assistance’ that it claims mining receives.  

This latest report should be released while wearing a leather jacket and on water skis.  

The Australia Institute is really clutching at straws by including investment in the upgrades of Newcastle Port and Port Kembla, and NSW Government spending on its own mine development, as general industry assistance in NSW.

The report also completely ignores over $120m in fees and levies the industry pays the NSW Government every year, including the Mine Safety Levy, Coal Washeries Rejects Levy, Mine Subsidence Levy, Administration Levy, and the New Frontiers Levy, as well as hundreds of millions in payroll taxes and millions in environmental licence fees.

Even if the Australia Institute’s findings were accurate, the taxpayers of NSW are receiving mining royalties valued at over $1.3 billion each year -  around ten times the amount the Australia Institute claims the industry receives in ‘subsidies’.

The Productivity Commission has also debunked the myth around ‘government assistance’ to the mining industry.

In its annual Trade and Assistance Review released in June last year, the Productivity Commission found the effective rate of government assistance to the mining industry in Australia is ‘negligible’.

It's time the Australia Institute was recognised for what it is - an anti-mining pseudo-political organisation dressed up as a think-tank.  

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