Australia Institute in parallel universe on importance of mining to the Hunter

June 13, 2014

The Australia Institute’s latest report is yet another ideologically-driven, anti-mining exercise dressed up as economic analysis. 
“This latest attack on Hunter mining is an insult to the 15,000 local workers and their families who rely on mining for their livelihoods. It’s also particularly insensitive given mining in the Hunter is going through tough times and people are losing their jobs,” NSW Minerals Council CEO, Stephen Galilee said today.
“As well as dismissing mining jobs in the Hunter as insignificant, the report also fails to acknowledge thousands other workers in businesses across the Hunter whose jobs are supported by mining.“
“A visit to any of the industrial estates across the Hunter would find hundreds of jobs in manufacturing businesses that rely on work with mining operations, yet according to the Australia Institute these jobs aren’t mining-related.”
“Try telling that to the Hunter workers losing their jobs in mining supplier businesses due to the current mining downturn in the Hunter.” 
The NSW Minerals Council’s survey last year found that 4,871 local Hunter businesses were directly supported through spending by the Hunter mining industry. 
In terms of direct spending, last financial year mining companies in the Hunter spent $6.3 billion on businesses, salaries, wages and community contributions. 
“This is $6.3b of real spending with real Hunter businesses, creating real Hunter jobs. The Australia Institute is living in a parallel universe if it believes this is a not an important contribution to the Hunter community.”
Most people in the Hunter understand the importance of mining in creating jobs across the region and underpinning local economic growth.
This local support for mining was on display last weekend, when 22,000 fans and miners turned out to cheer on the Newcastle Knights and the local mining industry at the second Voice for Mining Family Day.
“Thousands of people showed up at the Knights game last weekend in their high-vis mining gear to show their support for mining, a clear contrast to this latest ideologically-driven anti-mining exercise from the Australia Institute. ”

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