Festival to celebrate Hunter Mining set for 2015

July 23, 2014

A new festival is being launched to showcase the benefits of mining and the community support for the industry in the Hunter Valley.
The Hunter Mining Show is set for March 12-14, which will run in conjunction with the first Hunter Valley Coal Festival in the mining capital of Singleton, New South Wales. 

Created by local businesses and led by the Singleton Chamber of Commerce and Industry, this community focused event is targeted at anyone involved in the NSW mining sector including miners, suppliers and local residents.
Attendees can learn about the rich history of mining in the Hunter and industry leaders will discuss the future of mining and what it means for the region.
It’s good news for the Hunter’s mining industry, which is adjusting to a more challenging economic climate, and will be a great opportunity for businesses and workers to unite to demonstrate the importance of our mines in the Hunter’s economy which supports more than 4,870 local businesses.
“The show will also be a showcase for the mining industry to present its products, achievements and innovations to the broader community, helping all sectors achieve a better understanding of what the industry has to offer,” said Peter Eason, chairman of the Hunter Coal Festival.
The first two of the three days are “trade only” days for industry representatives. 
All members of the local community are invited to attend the third day, which will include a parade through the streets of Singleton, featuring state of the art mining equipment side-by-side with historical mining equipment and community floats. 
Find out more about The Hunter Mining Show in the event brochure online here

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