PAC says Drayton South decision soon

August 25, 2014

The NSW Planning Assessment Commission says a decision on the Drayton South coal mine project could be known as soon as October. 
The project has undergone significant changes to accommodate concerns of nearby neighbours, including horse breeders and other industries. The 500 people who work at Drayton, as well as 140 local businesses and many community groups supported by the mine, depend on Drayton South being approved.

Pictured: Drayton South mine workers and local supporters

Over forty people and organisations have spoken at a public hearing held by the Planning Assessment Commission in Denman. Drayton miners were visible at the meeting in their high-vis and were able to have their say on why a future for Drayton South is so important to them and their families.
Mike Kelly, President, Muswellbrook Chamber of Commerce and Industry, spoke in favour of the mine, saying the local tourism industry would not exist without mining.
Candidate for the state seat of Upper Hunter, Lee Watts, has publicly backed the Drayton South project too, releasing a statement detailing her thoughts, particularly on the mine’s proven ability to coexist with other industries, having done so for three decades.
“I support the Drayton South expansion, because fundamentally this is about an existing mine, wanting to continue operations on land they have owned for years. The mine has been in operation for more than 30 years and those 30 years are proof it can co-exist with neighbours.”
Shane Davey, publisher of Coalface Magazine, also spoke passionately in support of the project, saying some opposing the mine had taken an unreasonable “zero compromise” stance. 
“We are sick of the zero compromise on the debate – it is achieving nothing. For the sake of the future of all stakeholders, we want the war to stop and the talking to start,” Davey said.
Hundreds of other people unable to be at the public hearing at Denman have been speaking up through our latest Voice for Mining campaign to rally supporters. If you’d like to show your support for these local Hunter residents visit and email the premier now.

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