Clarence Water Transfer Scheme now drought-proofing Lithgow

August 27, 2014

Lithgow Council has commissioned an upgrade to the Clarence Water Transfer Scheme. In a partnership with Centennial Coal, new infrastructure and pipelines have been built to drought-proof the town with treated water from the nearby Clarence Colliery.
For over two decades, Lithgow has drawn water moved underground from the nearby Clarence Colliery and treated in an award winning plant at Oakey Park before adding to the town’s supply from Farmers Creek dam.
But Lithgow was only drawing off a small part of the water, as the remainder was left to flow down the other side of the mountain towards the Wollangambe and into the Colo catchment.
This constant flow of water became an environmental issue, out of which the proposal for the transfer system was borne - with the added benefit of increasing Lithgow’s own water capacity.

Pictured: A dam, making up part of the Clarence Water Scheme
The completed upgrade allows for an increase in the supply of water from the Clarence Colliery to Farmers Creek Dam from 5 megalitres per day to 14 ​megalitres per day. 
The project has been helped by a great working relationship between the Lithgow City Council and NSW Minerals Council member, Centennial Coal with the water quality meeting all standards.
"Huge support has come from Centennial Coal who has been generous enough to allow Council to use its site and which has also provided valuable assistance in developing the project. Centennial has truly been a wonderful corporate citizen in this project," said Lithgow City Mayor, Councillor Maree Statham.
It has also meant Lithgow avoids the strict domestic and commercial water limits which are implemented throughout much of NSW in times of drought.
Following some funding obstacles, the amplified system has been tested and commissioned recently, with success. It was opened at Clarence Colliery by Member for Calare John Cobb and Lithgow City Mayor Maree Statham.

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