Newcastle Knights fans can cheer on two great Hunter teams as ‘miners’ jersey goes on sale

April 29, 2014

The brand new Newcastle Knights fluro-orange ‘miners’ jersey, styled like a miner’s high-visibility uniform, is now available in store!

The Newcastle Knights have launched the hi-viz jersey as part of a new two-year partnership with the NSW Minerals Council, representing the thousands of miners that are making an important contribution to their communities and the state’s economy. 

The jersey demonstrates the strong connection between our miners and the Knights and the club’s support for the 12,000 mine workers and their families who live in the Hunter and love their footy.

“The Knights have a proud history of supporting mining in the Hunter. People are already getting behind this jersey with several hundred pre-sold following its release. And now that it’s available in store, people can cheer for two great Hunter teams - the Knights and our miners,” Newcastle Knights CEO Matt Gidley said.  

“This new jersey will resonate with thousands of local miners and their families who work in the mining industry, in the Hunter and right across NSW. It’s a great demonstration of the strong connection between the Knights and our miners and we look forward to seeing the team play in it,” NSW Minerals Council CEO Stephen Galilee said.

The Newcastle Knights will run onto the field in the hi-viz jersey at one home game and one game in Sydney in 2014 and 2015. So, this year, when fans and mine workers wear hi-viz gear to the ground in support of our to support Hunter miners, they’ll also be wearing their team’s colours for the day.

The hi-viz jersey is available now at the Hunter Sports Superstore or by purchasing online at  

Newcastle Knights ­| Tara White | | 0403 033 625 
NSW Minerals Council ­| Chris Rath | | 0409 758 734

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