A new government and a new way on mining

September 08, 2013

The new federal Coalition Government is expected to deliver a new approach to mining issues and policies to strengthen the mining sector in NSW, according to NSW Minerals Council CEO Stephen Galilee.
“The Coalition has been upfront in its recognition of the important role of mining for the economy now and into the future. That’s good news for jobs and good news for NSW.
“Mining was singled out in Labor’s response to the Henry Tax Review in 2010, and for much of the rest of Labor’s time in office the sector was treated as a cash cow and a political target to appease the Greens,” Mr Galilee said.
“The last few years should have been a time to consolidate on a period of significant investment in mining and resources. Instead it was a missed economic opportunity, despite the best efforts of highly respected Labor Resources ministers Martin Ferguson and Gary Gray.
“In the end, voters have rejected this approach and we now have a new way.
“Voters have also rejected the Greens’ ‘stop everything’ approach to the NSW economy, with a massive 25 per cent reduction in the Greens NSW vote, and significant swings away from the Greens in NSW mining regions.
“The emphatic election result has given the Coalition a clear mandate to deliver on its commitments including abolishing the carbon tax and the mining tax, introducing an exploration incentive, streamlining state and federal project assessment processes, and creating a ‘one-stop shop’ for faster project assessment times. These measures will boost the NSW mining sector, delivering investment and jobs for the NSW economy.
“We have a long and proud history of mining in NSW, and some of the best mineral deposits in the world. We have an experienced world-class workforce and good port and rail infrastructure. With the right policy settings, we can continue to deliver the investment, jobs and growth needed to underpin the NSW economy and the nation.”

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