Statement on ICAC recommendations

October 30, 2013

The NSW Minerals Council broadly welcomes the recommendations outlined in the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) Report released today.

The report recognises the strategic economic importance of coal mining for NSW, and acknowledges some of the key challenges the industry has faced in recent times, including sovereign risk.

Most of the recommendations propose changes to processes and systems within government and bureaucracy, addressing concerns the industry has raised about previous arrangements.

“We welcome a more transparent and properly governed approach that provides industry certainty,” CEO Stephen Galilee said today.

“A strong mining industry is good for jobs and the state’s economy, but it can only be strong if the community can have faith in a robust regulatory system that governs it.

“We particularly welcome the identification of the need for a more cohesive approach across government to the overall development of the sector.”

The Report’s very first recommendation outlines the need to align the development of NSW coal resources with the NSW 2021 state plan and provide clear policy objectives that guide the development of the industry.

“We’ve recently called for an Industry Action Plan for mining in NSW that would help achieve this outcome, recognising the strategic economic importance of mining for the NSW economy, including for jobs, investment, trade, infrastructure, regional development, and energy supply.

“An Industry Action Plan for mining should be developed in the near future to give more confidence to the community, the industry and more than 10,500 local businesses that supply our mines in NSW.”

Mr Galilee said that some of the recommendations may have potential cost implications for long-established mining operations and asked that the NSW Government consult with the industry and the community during the development of any new processes in response to the ICAC recommendations.

Contact: Scott Keenan or 9274 1400

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