We're for jobs: An open letter to NSW Parliament from key sectors of the NSW economy about the Planning Bill

November 26, 2013

Right now, the long-term job security of hundreds of thousands of people across Sydney and NSW depends on our NSW Parliamentarians setting aside political differences and putting the interests of NSW first.
After an extensive two and a half year review, State Parliament will soon vote on the new Planning Bill. It will improve the way planning and development happens in the years ahead.
It’s not perfect. However, if it becomes law, the new Planning Bill will send a strong message that NSW is open for business. And that’s good for local jobs and good for the economy.
As with all important reforms, the Planning Bill has its critics. Some noisy voices are being raised to try to change it or stop it completely. This would be a backward step.
Passage of the Bill will determine whether or not high value jobs in industries like property, tourism, engineering and construction, mining, services and many more can keep our state economy growing into the future.
That’s why we’re calling on all Members of Parliament to support a strong NSW economy and to pass the Planning Bill without any amendments that threaten jobs and the economy.

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