Shooters and Labor back Greens over jobs

November 26, 2013

An amendment to the Planning Bill moved by the Shooters and Fishers and backed by Labor and the Greens to secure passage through the Legislative Council is a threat to thousands of jobs and must be rejected by the NSW Government.

The amendment seeks to overturn the NSW Government's Mining SEPP, creating more uncertainty for mining communities, deterring investment, and threatening mining jobs and the livelihoods of many more working in associated supplier businesses.

The Mining SEPP provides some consistency and clarity on how land use issues relating to mining projects should be assessed in terms of economic benefits and environmental impacts. It applies to a part of the planning process, but does not over-ride environmental and other protections that apply.

Speaking after the vote on the amendment in the Parliament, NSW Minerals Council CEO said, "It is extremely disappointing that the Shooters and NSW Labor have chosen the green agenda over the jobs of working people."

"Labor used to be the party for working people but NSW Labor seems more interested in cozying up to the greens than supporting jobs."

"It is also difficult to understand why the Shooters would turn their backs on mining workers and align themselves with the Greens given so many jobs are at stake in places the Shooters claim to represent."

"Mining workers, their families and the many thousands more who work in mining supplier businesses and rely on mining for their livelihoods will be very concerned at this development."

"Mining communities will not stand idly by and let their jobs be sacrificed by any political party seeking to appease vested interests and noisy minorities."

"The NSW Government must stand up for working people and reject this job-destroying amendment."
Contact: Chris Rath or 0409 758 734

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