Reckless amendments risk jobs in planning failure

November 28, 2013

Government must reject Planning Bill amendments to protect economy and jobs
The jobs of thousands of mining workers and their families have been put at risk, because Labor and the Shooters Party have chosen to put short term political interests before the jobs of working people.
The new NSW Planning Bill proposes some important changes to how our State will be developed in the years ahead. It's not perfect, but it is a step forward in ensuring NSW is open for business.  It would help attract the investment needed to secure major projects for NSW, along with the livelihoods of thousands of NSW workers and their families
Earlier this week the NSW Minerals Council joined with ten industry groups from across the economy to call on Parliament to pass the Planning Bill, without amendments that would threaten the economy and jobs.
Labor, the Greens and the Shooters have ignored this call, supporting reckless amendments to the Bill that risk jobs and the strength of the NSW economy.
The amendments would be particularly damaging to mining communities, costing jobs in mining as well as in more than 10,500 other businesses linked to mining across NSW.
“By putting their own short-term political interests ahead of the jobs of working people Labor has failed mining families and regional communities across the state," NSW Minerals Council CEO, Stephen Galilee, said today.
“There will be many mining workers and their families wondering why they have been abandoned and their jobs put at risk by Labor and the Shooters,” he said. 

“The few remaining Labor MPs from mining regions should ask their city-based colleagues why appeasing green groups in the suburbs is a higher priority than protecting the jobs of working people in regional communities.”
"12,000 miners in the Hunter in particular will be wondering why Labor and the Shooters turned their backs on them when it came to the crunch in Parliament.”
"We expect economic vandalism from the Greens who have little regard for mining communities, but not from Labor and the Shooters who claim to represent working people.”
“The Government must reject these amendments to protect the economy and jobs.”
Contact: Chris Rath or 0409 758 734

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