A statement from NSW business and industry on the failure of Parliament to pass Planning Bill

November 28, 2013

We’re for jobs

We represent industries right across the state economy providing jobs for people in Sydney and in communities across regional NSW.

The ongoing uncertainty surrounding planning in NSW is an ongoing threat to the economy and the long term job security of many thousands of working people.

The failure of the Planning Bill to secure passage through the Parliament is a victory for short term political interests over the long term interests of the State.

It is extremely disappointing that this major opportunity for economic reform in NSW has been at best delayed, and at worst lost.

The Government’s Bill is not perfect, but the amendments proposed by the Opposition Parties would significantly curtail much needed economic growth in NSW.

The broad alliance of organisations and industries represented below are united in our call for more jobs and greater economic prosperity in this State.

Reform is hard. Surrendering to the noisy voices on important reform is reckless and irresponsible. Our elected officials need to set aside their individual agendas and support what is good for NSW.

We urge all political parties to return to Parliament in 2014 with a renewed focus on delivering this important economic reform for the people of NSW.

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