Template Land Access Agreement

June 25, 2013

Today's surprise withdrawal of support for the land access arrangement template by NSW Farmers is disappointing, particularly given it is based on the alleged actions of one company.
The NSW Minerals Council would have preferred to work with NSW Farmers to ensure that the template was being used appropriately as agreed by all parties.
It’s unfortunate that NSW Farmers have instead chosen a more radical course of action by removing support all together.
NSW Farmers and the NSW Minerals Council spent 18 months negotiating the template so landholders and explorers could be confident that it provides a fair basis on which to negotiate land accessagreements.
Regional NSW relies on three pillars of economic stability - agriculture, tourism and mining.  The decision today will cause uncertainty in many regional communities for farmers and miners.
Across NSW, mining and agriculture have coexisted for hundreds of years and will continue to do so.  There are currently thousands of land access agreements already in place between farmers and mining companies. 

The NSW Minerals Council will continue to promote positive and co-operative relationships between miners, farmers and other landowners.

Contact: Lindsay Hermes I I lhermes@nswmining.com.au I 0409 758 734

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