Vineyard next case study of mining and farming working together

July 22, 2013

The successful working relationship between Glencore Xstrata and Hunter Valley grape grower Bob Kennedy is the latest case study from a new series showing that mining and farming are able to work together.
Bob’s Beyond Broke vineyard near Bulga has been producing grapes since the late 90's that are sold to some of the best wine makers in the region. In 2006, Glencore Xstrata mined beneath the vineyard and his home as part of its Bulga Underground operations.
While not without its challenges, mining beneath the vineyard hasn't affected the yield.
At the time, Bob had concerns for his vines, but says he was impressed with the way the mine worked through the process, addressed his concerns and continually kept him informed.
“Having first-hand information... you understand a lot more of why they do things,” Bob said.
For years Bob had kept accurate records of both yield and the quality of grapes coming from his vineyard’s six different grape varieties prior to undermining. He has been every bit as diligent both during and since mining under his property was completed.
“There hasn’t been any discernible change,” Bob has concluded. And it's a view Bob believes his customers also share. “I guess it’s shown in that my customers keep on coming back.”
Glencore Xstrata owns a number of vineyards in the Broke Fordwich area, supplying grapes to local wine makers and some wine is also produced from those grapes for Glencore Xstrata and labelled accordingly.
“These case studies are part of the NSW Mining education initiative to help inform the community about mining and its efforts to work productively with its neighbours," NSW Minerals Council CEO Stephen Galilee said.
“Traditional mining has coexisted with agriculture and tourism for around 200 years and will continue to do so. These three industries are the backbone of regional NSW and together they can power the state’s economy for many years to come.”
To hear Bob talking about his strong working relationship with Glencore Xstrata and for more examples of how mining and farming are able to work together see

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