Positive submissions show community support for Warkworth

December 02, 2013

Over 900 positive submissions made to the Department of Planning for the Mount Thorley Warkworth mine modification are a strong sign of community support for the project and for mining in the region.
“The more than 900 submissions lodged in favour of the extension outnumber those against by a margin of 6 to 1. This is a very clear sign of strong local support for the Warkworth mine, the jobs it provides and the economic stability it delivers to the local region,” NSW Minerals Council CEO, Stephen Galilee said today.
“Approval for this extension of Coal & Allied’s Warkworth operation will help protect the jobs of 1,300 people directly employed at the mine for the next two years, as well as those working in around 1000 supplier businesses."
The high number of positive submissions for the Warkworth mine reflects the level of support for mining in the Upper Hunter.
Earlier this year ReachTel surveyed 514 residents across the Muswellbrook and Singleton Local Government Areas and found support for mining at 78 per cent with opposition at 11 per cent.
89 per cent of those surveyed believed mining was important to a strong economic future for their local community, compared to just 6 per cent who believed it was not important.
77 per cent believed jobs should receive the ‘highest’ or ‘high’ priority when assessed in relation to impacts on the environment and local communities, including 55 per cent who believed jobs should be the ‘highest’ priority.
Nearly 60 per cent of Survey respondents in the Singleton Local Government Area supported the Warkworth extension compared to 30 per cent opposed.
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