Industry views the key to successful single assessment process for mining

December 19, 2013

We’ve called for greater consultation and other changes to increase the clarity, certainty and simplification of the proposed “One Stop Shop” for NSW and Commonwealth assessments.
As part of the Commonwealth Government’s commitment to a “One Stop Shop” for mining and other developments, NSW and the Commonwealth have produced a draft Bilateral Assessment Agreement.
The draft Agreement sets up the process for the Commonwealth to accept the NSW government’s assessment where an approval is required under Commonwealth legislation.
Under the draft Agreement, much of the detail of the process will be set out in separate “Administrative Arrangements”. These Administrative Arrangements will be agreed between NSW and the Commonwealth, with no requirement to consult with the industry. 
But, as we argue in our submission, government must consult with the industry on the Administrative Arrangements.  Without consultation there is a very real risk that the arrangements will be impractical and will frustrate the single assessment process.
Other changes we’ve recommended include: removing the NSW and Commonwealth Ministers’ election not to assess an eligible project under the agreement; much stronger commitments to prevent overlapping conditions; and a 30 day time limit for the Commonwealth Minister to provide a response to the draft assessment report.
NSW and the Commonwealth intend to have the agreement for one assessment in place by May 2014.  The second part of the One Stop Shop is an Approval Bilateral, which will provide for NSW to approve projects on behalf of the Commonwealth.  The Commonwealth and NSW have agree to have the Approval Bilateral in place by 18 September 2014.
Read more in our submission.

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