Greens show disregard for working families

December 03, 2013

NSW Greens MLC David Shoebridge has today shown his complete disregard for working people concerned for their jobs.

His attack on the credibility of submissions made by mining workers in support of a project to secure their own jobs is offensive to the workers involved, their families and thousands more across NSW.

"It seems that according to David Shoebridge, if you are a miner your views don't count, even if your job is on the line," NSW Minerals Council CEO Stephen Galilee said today.

"More than 900 submissions were lodged in support of the Warkworth extension, including many from workers at the project genuinely concerned about their jobs. David Shoebridge should respect their
views and their concerns, and not dismiss them as second-class citizens.”

"The views of the workers at the project deserve to be heard loud and clear, not dismissed so arrogantly from a distance by this out of touch politician,” Mr Galilee said.
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