Election candidates take note: NSW voters support mining

August 04, 2013

Following the announcement of the Federal Election for September 7th, candidates from all political parties in NSW should be fully aware that voters in NSW support a strong mining industry. 
The economy is the main issue in this election and voters will be assessing whether the policies of those running for office will ensure economic stability to protect jobs in NSW and nationally.

Most residents in NSW understand that mining is one of the key contributors to safeguarding the economic future of our state. 
Research conducted in March this year by Crosby Textor has shown that over two thirds of NSW residents support the mining industry in NSW and 89% of people surveyed believe a strong mining industry is important for our state’s future.
The research showed that support levels were fairly consistent across the community, with 79% of Liberal/National voters expressing their support for mining and 73% of Labor voters indicating their support. 

NSW Mining is facing challenging times due to low commodity prices, the high Australian dollar, and the high level of industry uncertainty stemming from burdensome policies including the carbon tax and the mining tax at a federal level and the current uncertainty surrounding the NSW planning system. 
Voters in the traditional mining regions of the Hunter and the Illawarra in particular will be  watching closely to see which candidates are prepared to support mining and keep the NSW economy strong.

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