Help us drive urgent reform. We're calling on the NSW Government to fix the Planning System now

We are running an important public advertising campaign calling for urgent changes to the NSW planning system to protect NSW jobs and the economy.

Jobs and investment are at stake. It's time for critical action before it's too late.

Why the NSW Planning System needs urgent reform now:
  • The Planning Commission is an unaccountable and part-time panel making decisions on behalf of the NSW Government which contradict existing government policies
  • Mining projects are stuck in the Planning System for years, creating uncertainty for mining families and local businesses
  • The Planning Commission wastes time by repeatedly requesting additional information despite years of thorough assessment by the Planning Department and its recommendation for approval   
  • There are ongoing administrative errors such as the recent announcement of the Rix's Creek Continuation project, which was approved and then callously revoked in a few short hours creating uncertainty for 300 workers
  • Even small changes to existing mines require unnecessary extensive paperwork and lengthy waiting times to pass through the Planning Commission process 

Spreading the message on Print Media and Radio

These ads featuring residents of Kandos and Rylstone explain about the impact of the broken planning system on their families, businesses and communities. 

This time it's their community suffering. Next time it could be yours.


Watch our TV and Social Media ads on our YouTube Channel 



Take Action: How you can help...



Points you might like to include:

  • Mining is important to my family, my community and the State. I am worried about my job and my future.
  • It is unfair that an unelected panel with no accountability is killing off jobs and investment with no accountability to the NSW Government.
  • Years-long delays on project decisions show how broken the planning system is and put in jeopardy thousands of jobs and billions in investment for NSW.
  • There are more than 7,000 local businesses across NSW that are supported by mining. The broken planning system is putting local businesses at risk.
  • There are 40,000 people working in mining in NSW including 23,000 coal miners who rely on mining for their livelihood.
  • These problems go beyond mining and potentially affect other industries seeking to invest and create jobs in NSW.

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Thank you for supporting this important awareness campaign.

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