Government’s $50 Million For  Resources For Regions Welcome

Government’s $50 Million For Resources For Regions Welcome

May 19, 2017

Today’s announcement by the NSW Government of $50 million in additional funding for the Resources for Regions program will be welcomed by mining communities across the State and shows the Government is listening to councils in mining regions on the need for more support for local infrastructure improvements.

2017/18 NSW Minerals Council Pre-Budget submission

2017/18 NSW Minerals Council Pre-Budget submission

May 15, 2017

The NSW Minerals Council 2017/18 Budget Submission outlines nine priorities to promote economic development, support mining communities, and lock in the gains made during the recent recovery in commodity prices. This includes a 12 month moratorium on further regulatory change for the sector, more public infrastructure funding for mining communities, support for exploration activity, and delivering on commitments made to streamline fees and levies and implement planning reforms.


Almost everyone is connected to mining in some way, whether you live and work in a mining region, use government services supported by mining royalties, or through your shares and superannuation fund. With a history spanning over 200 years, mining has contributed a great deal to NSW, the original mining state.
The minerals mined in NSW, from coal to gold, copper and industrial minerals, not only fulfil our energy needs and provided materials for daily life, but have also made an immense economic contribution to our mining regions, our cities and our state and national economies along the way. 
NSW mining is an important source of employment across the state, supporting small and medium-sized business in regional areas. The money returned to the NSW Government in the form of royalties helps provide essential services and contracts with local businesses generate economic stimulus that spreads throughout the state. And as the state’s top merchandise export, coal and metallic minerals also provide a leading source of export revenue.  

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